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Thank you for visiting us. We are a friendly full service adoption law
firm in Accra, Ghana, West of Africa with a goal of providing loving
homes for underprivileged children living in Ghana. Our services range
from matching/placement
of children through to effective legal
representation of our clients seeking to grow their families through
adoption or through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), while
adhering to high standards of ethics and professionalism.
Creating a family through Adoption or ART is a wonderful experience yet
very complex. It requires a step by step assistance of experienced and
dedicated staff to facilitate the process quickly so you can start to enjoy
your new life as a family in the shortest possible time.

The Staff at OduroLaw are a unique blend as majority of them have
personally experienced the joy of adoption. We are therefore very
passionate about adoption and personalize our services to suit every
adoption situation.

If you are thinking about experiencing the miracle of adoption and are
considering Ghana, do contact us for professional help. No situation is
too complex for us and we take pride in serving you!
OduroLaw will also assist you with any legal issues you may have
including drafting ART contracts while going through any ART
procedure. We will stand by you till the very end!
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that inner peace .....