OduroLaw is dedicated to helping others build a family through adoption or   
Assisted Reproductive of Technology (ART or In vitro fertilization (IVF).

OduroLaw provides referral, placement and legal representation to persons

  • to adopt children from Ghana
  • clients seeking legal assistance on Assisted Reproductive
    Technology (ART) law and IVF procedures in Ghana

Our range of adoption services include:

  • International Adoptions
  • Independent/Private Adoptions
  • Relative Adoptions
  • Open/Closed Adoptions
  • Immigration Law & Services
  • Escorting your child to country of your choice
  • Legal consulting services to individuals and adoption agencies

Details of our services  include:

Representation: Services will be to represent you in the courts  of
Ghana and ensure that all the required adoption documents are obtained
and filed with the court and either a final decree or interim adoption decree
is awarded to you by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Referral/Placement: We provide full adoption services including but
not limited to referral of children, placement, legal, medicals (child),
immigration and upon request escort services.

 Fees: While adoption cases may be similar, adoption situations differ
and hence our fees for legal representation is determined on a case by
case basis. Additional fees apply for each additional child. Additional costs
may apply in the event the case becomes complex. The nature of complexity
will also be determined on a case by case basis.

Communication: You are assured of updated information at every step
of the way with the legal process.

•        Medicals: (i) We provide all children with a thorough medical
examination by our experienced physician during the process.

•         (ii) We can also arrange for your own (adoptive parents) medicals to
be done in Ghana at your request. Fees to the Clinic will be separate and
independent of our fees and shall be paid directly to the Clinic.

Ghana Social Welfare: Services will include liaising with the Ghana
Social Welfare to make the adoption happen.

Immigration Services: We will file the necessary immigration paper
work including obtaining a visa on your behalf, which is needed for your child
to  emmigrate to the country of your choice.

•          Escort Services: We will escort your child to your country of residence
upon request.

Retainer/Engagement letter: OduroLaw requires its clients to sign a
retainer agreeing to the scope of representation prior to consultation.

Our range of ART services include:   

*Surrogacy services and representation
*Surrogacy Contracts
* Donor Contracts
* Provider/Hospital ART Contracts & Consent Forms
* Legal consulting services to individuals, medical providers/fertility clinics,
laboratories or anyone concerned with infertility issues.
* In vitro Fertilization matters etc
... attaining the inner peace
through adoption